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Hillpark School is a unified community where students aspire, grow and achieve.  Children and deep learning are at its heart.  Learning experiences uphold the school values, the New Zealand Curriculum, Te Tiriti o Waitangi and the principles of cultural responsiveness.  A safe, professional environment promotes respect for diverse ideas.  Parents observe positive learners, displaying honesty, integrity and enthusiasm. Effective communication ensures that whānau, staff and children are actively engaged in all areas of school life. 


Children’s strengths and areas for improvement are clearly understood by whānau and informed by achievement data that is collected using a variety of techniques. Our children are assessment capable learners who reflect on their learning to identify their next steps.


Strong emphasis is placed on strengthening the home and school partnership with a high level of involvement from the wider school community in local curriculum design.  We adopt a high trust, whole school approach for our ākonga.  


Teachers are encouraged to collaborate, reflect, be challenged and grow in a well-resourced and future-focussed environment.  Their personal professional knowledge is valued and utilised to further drive improvement and facilitate distributed leadership opportunities.


Hillpark School is acknowledged by its diverse community as a place where learning is challenging, enjoyable and inclusive.  Success is shared and celebrated, and we inject a sense of fun in all of our school activities. 


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